Nonfiction Editing

You have put in countless hours preparing your nonfiction work for release to the public. Let us help you polish your product so it’s ready to shine on the market. We offer several services that may be customized to fit your needs.

Critique $125 – $250*: Our editors and published writers take a look at your manuscript and give you a critique that will help you produce the best product possible.

Copy Edit $150 – $350*: We check facts as well as correctness in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency. We use the same style guides as national publishing houses to assure that your work is up to professional standards.

Line Edit $250 – $600*: We review your work line by line, assessing clarity and level of language, correcting syntax issues, and editing technical elements (as listed under our Copy Edit section.)

Full Edit $400 – $750*: Concept, line, and copy editing package. This service provides you with a polished manuscript that is ready for publication, whether you are self-publishing or sending it to a publishing house.

*Prices vary based on length and quality of work when it reaches our editors.