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We have assembled some of the industry’s top professionals to give writers like you the chance to get ahead in publishing.

We call this “The Hookup.” Our job is to find you the right editor to take your work to the next level. Sometimes, that means nothing more than a great copy editing service. Other times, you might need to put the ego aside and go through a full-run editing service. We will take you through critique, line-edits, copy edits, and final Quality Assurance reads.

For those of you interested in self-publishing, you may want consultation on adding covers and formatting services. We work with the best, and they will help your book stand out and attract readers.

In addition, we provide several marketing and author training programs. We’ll help you understand how to make social media work for you through media training. We take “word of mouth” to a whole new level with our promotion services and training. With our help, the world will be buzzing about your book in no time.

You have made the first step. Now let us help you create your best-selling book.